At sports lab we only use the latest clinically tested research and methods to assess and manage foot and ankle issues. Other clinics may promise quick fixes and even faster turn arounds on the scans and the manufacture of their orthotics and other devices, but at Sports Lab you can be assured that the assessments will be more thorough and the quality of our products will last longer than cheaper products as we stand behind the products.

Our podiatrists are at the forefront of the academy's and focused on the advancement of podiatric medicine. We pride our selves on being involved in the board of directors and being a trustee with the aim of advancing sports and pediatric-focused podiatry.

Our special focus is on

  1. Kids foot and ankle problems
  2. Flexible Sports orthotic therapy and footwear prescription
  3. Shock wave therapy for heel, tendon and soft tssue problems
  4. Laser therapy for persistent fungal nail problems.
  5. On the spot health fund and medicare (chronic disease management plans-referrals required) rebates.
  6. Problem solving other practitioners orthotic issues and adjust and modify for better results.

We know that every person’s feet are individual and therefore, require specialized assessment, management and care that you can only expect at Sports Lab.